Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Old People Gatta Chill

R A N T  A L E R T !

I absolutely hate when anything is forced down my throat.
I like to learn things on my own and for myself.
Really and truly, we won’t get along if you’re trying force your ideals down my throat.
And that’s where we, the younger generation, end up at odds with the older generation.

Because they are so close minded and IGNORANT to any and everything besides what they believe in that there is no room for them to receive anything else.
Nobody tries to change them or force it down their throat but they can’t help but attempt to do it to us.

I was referred to as an atheist and a 'God hater' simply because I told an older person I’m really skeptical about the Bible.
I know God, I’ve felt Him, I know He’s real and that He works.
But I have questions. Is it wrong to have questions? 
Well, I do. I’m a naturally curious soul.
I won’t just take people by their word anymore for the simple fact that the world is changing every day. 
Times have changed, we have seen and will continue to see an advancement in technology on every level possible. 
There’s so much content out here to be received; we are literally given the opportunity every day we wake up to learn and do something new.

Old people always say we don’t know anything and that we are brainwashed by our devices and the internet.
They love to say how we would've never survived this life if we were growing up the same time as them.
They loveeeee to say how we think we’re smart but we’re really not because we’re nowhere near them in age.
‘You don’t have as many years as I do nor do you have the experience I do so you don’t know anything.’

I don’t claim to know everything because:
1.) What good will it do if it turns out I'm wrong and ultimately an ass?
2.) I know very well that I do not know everything. 

However, I am always willing to learn new things but in order for us to even make an attempt at discussing anything, respect needs to be in place.
It's always respect your elders. Respect is not given; it is earned. You can't be telling me to respect you, respect you but you turn your cheek so fast that you catch whiplash in ya neck when I'm asking you to respect me.

Das right. A joke.
Try to disrespect me and you'll realize quickly that I'm not the one, two, three or four. I'll stop you in ya tracks.


It's sad how old people are so stuck in their ways that they refuse to acknowledge and respect a valid point. Any little truth in what you may say to them that can uproot their firm belief drives them crazy. 

One thing I've learned: comfort stunts growth. 
The longer you stay in the same position with the same mindset, the longer you will be lost. 
But older folk can’t grasp that.
They know everything lol. 
They believe everything they’ve heard and disregard what they see.
You can’t tell them anything about anything. 

But it’s all good, you know? 

I will literally not let anyone shake me from what I believe in.
I believe in growth, I believe in my generation and I believe in change.
I can say that proudly because once upon a time, you couldn’t get me to drift away from anything I was comfortable with.
Yeah I get a bit of anxiety here and there when I do step out of my comfort zone but I rarely regret it because.. I’ve learned something new to carry with me for the rest of my days.

Also, I’m 20. I’m young. These are my golden years. The time for me to live and do whatever I want. Make whatever mistakes I have to. Learn and grow from it all.
Don't take that as I'm completely lost and don't know what I want in life.. 
It's a journey, not a race. So why is there so much pressure for me to have it all together right now? 
Is it so bad to still be figuring who I am, what I want to do and where I want to be?

'Oh my wife was married at the age of 19 and had her first child at 21.'
Okay. Good for her. 
What floats someone else's boat may not be able to power mine and that is definitely the case now.
I mean, do you think I really care if your wife dropped everything to marry you at the age of 19????
I really don't. That's on her. Cause une even that solid for me to even process that kinda thought at this point in my life. 
I must figure out who wife I wanna be right now? Come from round me man.
Play with y’all ma. Talking fool bout I need to be focused on getting married?

(Lowkey wanna marry this woman's good son but not rn)

LMAO.. Anyways.

PSA to some of you old folk:
I’m not here for you, I’m here for me.
What I do for me is for me.
You don’t get to dictate what I believe in or how I live my life.
Learn how to live and let live.

To those of you that do understand and respect us younger folk,

Das it. I finished.
See y'all next time.

Also, I was recently a guest on a podcast by 10th Year Seniors about Consent. Check it out if you can, it's hella funny but also easy to relate to. To me, at least.

See here: Click dis yuh.

Lots of love and tings like dat, 


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