Saturday, July 22, 2017

Lol, is this thing on?

I don't know what the hell  I'm doing but honestly, I'm gonna hope for the best with this.

Welcome to the mind of a maniac.

I'm Raye, pleased to make your acquaintance.

If you're reading this, I f- with you.

Welcome to my blog for real, though.

I hope that you enjoy my thoughts, my feelings, my every day life.
I hope that I'm able to make you laugh, think, feel all kinds of ways but at the end of the day open your mind.

I've been through hell and back, I'm still going.

But as a writer, I feel like that's what it's all about.

You gotta keep going. You gotta keep writing. You gotta be heard. You gotta use what you've been blessed with to help someone always.

Story time: I recently got a new tattoo, #2 so far.. It says mind over matter. I don't have a picture to share because my phone is busted and it's in that gross stage of scabbing rn but that's besides the point. The reason I got this is because lately, I've been feeling like life was becoming too much for me. I lost my job and I was slowly depleting my bank account trying to maintain the bare necessities of life. I was starting to become so miserable that it was consuming me. I've battled with depression for a while off and on.. Sometimes I really feel like I have it under control and other times, not so much. I began realizing that I was thinking myself further and further into this dark place. Mind over matter.. The notion that your mental controls everything around you. You are what you think you are. Things were going left because well, life.. But they KEPT going left because I wasn't thinking right. I was thinking negatively about everything and really, how did I expect anything to get better by doing that? Lol. But it's mind over matter y'all. You are what you think and letting go of negative thoughts will improve the quality of your life significantly.

Random thought to finish the thought up there: 
We may never be fully prepared for the bullshit life throws at us sometimes but it's always important to know that it's not the end of the world although it may sure as hell feel like it. Press on, push through. Fall down eight times, stand up nine. (I know that's not the saying but I heard  DMX say it before and I like it so much better.)
Trust me, some days/weeks/months are so f-cking badddd, I swear that there's someone or something hovering over my life just to make shit hard for me.
You have to take control of your life in every aspect. You gotta make your own happiness, you gotta make things happen for yourself. You can never let anyone take what's yours away from you.
You have one life, the only thing that is solely yours in this world, you gotta live it to the fullest and with no regrets.

Cole said, "The only thing worst than death is a regret-filled coffin."

So when your phone screen breaks 3 times in  2 months or when you lose your job over some bullshit or your family decides not to pay for college because it's "not that important"...

You smile and say, "This too shall pass."

Thanks for reading, you're so golden and God loves you.

So do I!

Hugs & hearts,


  1. Ray this is amazing !!! Keep doing this ! Don't fall off keep posting doll !!!

  2. yes girl, stay strong. keep pushing