Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Souls, Souls & More Souls - Soul Ties.

I didn't feel like I should leave you guys hanging for so long while knowing I finished this early!
If you haven't really noticed, my posts are biweekly (every two weeks) so this is a big deal.
I feel like Drake rn. LMAO. Okay yeah, the post.

I talk about energy and vibes a lot. I really really grew up believing only in what I was able to see. But as I got older, I learned more about the world that goes beyond our physical sight. The spiritual. Let's get past all the witchcraft & wizardry that people normally associate with the spiritual realm. Let's really think about it.

A soul tie is a linkage between two people in the soul realm through sexual relations and/or deep emotional involvement. A soul tie can be beneficial but it can also be detrimental. Many people don't realize how often we exchange energy. Literally every day with just about everyone. These energetic bonds deepen with time.

So yes, you can have a wonderful soul tie with someone you love, perhaps in a marriage or a relationship, even in a strictly platonic friendship. Strictly beneficial to you both because you help each other to grow & prosper for a lifetime. You want this kind of soul tie. It's important to have a divine connection with someone. Shout out to all my babies that add value to my life.

But. What about those soul ties that'll ruin your life? The kind that steals your peace & makes you emotionally unavailable. Yeah, don't nobody wanna be that way but.. Life. Lol. I can regrettably relate. At least.. Let me not say regrettably because I learned a lot from this. Still learning actually.

Story time lil babies.

Have you ever been insanely & inexplicably attached to someone? Like, your life would probably be or has been at a standstill if or when they left? Like you want nothing to do with them yet you still find yourself obsessing over them? You might even want to get back with them even though the relationship serves you no purpose; it's become completely disadvantageous to you.

Yeah that was me.
This dude was literally my world. My best friend. My lover. Everything.
We had an indisputable connection. Nothing was able to contest it.
Or so I thought.
Everything fell apart though.
I can tell you guys the story a million times over but the gist is:
We were both wrong. The blame is carried equally on both sides.

We separated physically but emotionally? Ha. What a joke.

 I was attached. I went through withdrawals as if I were on drugs..

And I was. In my head though.

I cried and cried and cried.
For months.
At first, it was because although being with him & being around him became too hard to handle emotionally, I just didn't want to move on. I didn't know how to move on.
It felt like nobody understood where I was coming from at all. All my friends constantly told me to leave him alone but I couldn't.
I tried but it just wasn't that simple.

Lol, listen to me now.
Cause this gon' seem like I'm on some bullshit.

You know how people like to have casual sex?

Yeah, don't.

Sex is.. I preach this so often cause it took me a while to understand and I really want people to get it as well.

Sex is MORE than just skin to skin. It's WAY MORE spiritual than it is physical. Idk if it's a female thing because males really do be on some bullshit but it can't just be me!

This is where the soul tie came in for me in this situation. Although that wasn't the only thing we bonded over, it was a huge factor in why I felt so bound to him.
Literally, I found myself acting like him. Speaking like him.  Thinking like him. It's been 2 years and I still find myself behaving like him in certain situations and that truly makes me cringe.
You ever stopped while doing or saying something and think 'wow, this is something -insert partner's name- would say/do"?
That's because you've connected your soul to theirs. It can literally take forever to get over someone you've been involved with sexually because a piece of them is with you and vice versa.
Hence, I'm very careful about who I have sex with. I'm actually celibate as it stands.
Because who REALLY has the time to be battling demons and spirits all in the name of an orgasm?

My life is tedious enough as is. Go away. Keep your demon sex away from me.

But on some real spit, listen to your friends when they say it's hard to let that one toxic person go. ESPECIALLY when they don't wanna let you go.
Truth is, most people don't ever really break these bonds.
They tend to bury the emotions & memories under new relationships and sexual encounters.
And THAT, my beloved babies, is NOT healthy.
I firmly believe that it has to be an intentional and deliberate release. Nothing like that happens over night.

My advice?

  • Be honest with yourself - It's not really the easiest thing to talk about but you gotta realize when something is affecting you negatively.  'If you love it, let it kill you.' Hi, hello, NO. You do not need to sacrifice your peace of mind all in the name of love (sometimes it's not even love but we won't get into all of that right now). Love yourself more than you love anyone & anything else.
  • Acknowledge the soul tie and ask God to release you - Confront the issue head on. Repent. Pray. Ask God to help you let this thing go. Do this as often as you need to until you can literally feel the difference. You can feel when the burden has been lifted off of your shoulders.
  • Listen to me, delete/get rid of/burn every gaddamn thing you have with that person or persons - I am personally a damn hoarder so this is VERY hard on me. But really, you think you gonna let it go if you're constantly reminded of them? Pictures, clothing, notes, messages. Trash it all. Burn whatever. It may seem like nothing but it's so important. Block/unfollow them on social media. No contact whatsoever.
  • Forgive yourself & forgive the person - Yeah, it's no easy feat to accept that you f'd yourself over or let someone f- you over. Forgiveness is crucial to move on. And normally, you have to forgive without receiving an apology. But don't worry too much about that. Forgiveness breaks the power they have over you. You are in complete control of your thoughts and actions at this point. The peace of mind you'll gain is one that you wouldn't believe.
  • Stay free; avoid a relapse - Do not. For God's sake. DO NOT reconnect with this person. There's really no telling what kind of effect that can have on you. You worked hard to get over them, please do not put yourself in a vulnerable position. You already know they're not good for you so please remember your value & worth. Love from a distance. 

Alright, I believe I've made my point. Thank you again for reading! I appreciate you more than you know. Thank you for believing in the dream. Until next time!

Hearts & hugs,


  1. I’m gonna need this to continue, its awesome to see another kindred soul with kind words and encouragement to give😘😘☺️🤗